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Monday, 24 August 2015

Invitation to Girl Child Network Worldwide Donors, Trustees and Volunteers Day-29 August 2015

Girl Child Network Worldwide invites you all to a day of inspiration where those making the most contribution to the charity meet to share and help develop the charity further. The number of individuals signing up to donate at least £3 monthly is rising daily and therefore we feel we have to meet at least once a year to know you better and to hear  from such extraordinary individuals. Yes we receive your donation but we also value building lasting relationships with you all. It is vital to find time and space to keep each other well informed about the charity and how you can support further.

On the day we expect to present our annual report and progress and allow feedback and comments from our donors, volunteers and trustees. Each one present will be given a platform to speak, make contributions and help shape mission and vision of Girl Child Network Worldwide. We value feedback from our donors, trustees and volunteers. This is a special day we set aside to meet and talk and strategise.
It is a ‘bring and share’ day and please bring any drink or food to share with others. Please bring a friend too. Family members are welcome. Girls who want to join Girl Child Network Worldwide as members and for future training are also welcome.
Time: 11am to 4pm
Venue: Basildon Enterprise Centre, 33 Nobel Square, SS13 1LT, Basildon

Please if you wish to be part of this great day, do not hesitate to contact us and confirm attendance on 07951522790 or email us on gcnworldwide@gmail.com. New donors, volunteers and trustees will be officially welcomed on the day and asked to share about their future aspirations with the charity.

Muzvare Betty Makoni
On behalf of Girl Child Network Worldwide

UK based Meltingpot News endorses Books First, Babies Later, Empowering Girls,Powering Nations Global Campaign

 The article below appeared in UK based Newspaper- MeltingPot in Solidarity with launch our T-shirts MeltingPot News Article Here

Child Network Worldwide (GCNW) has launched a T-shirt fundraising campaign to support its activities. The organization founded and headed by Muzvare-Princess Betty Makoni, champions the rights of the girl child globally. It also supports needy girls to obtain education.

The UK-based GCNW believes that girls can excel and reach their potential as women leaders if their rights, empowerment and education are fully supported and promoted.

The newly produced beautiful T-shirts echo the organisation’s key messages: “Empowering girls, Powering nations”; “Books First, Babies Later. Smart Girls Pursue Education”.

Each T-shirt costs £12 inclusive of postage to all parts of the UK.

You can support the GCNW by logging onto Charity Checkout (CLICK HERE) and ordering your T-shirts. This is also the safest way to donate to the charity.

You can also donate £12 for each T-shirt directly via the Girl Child Network Worldwide Charity Bank account with Lloyds Bank
Account Number 03872848, Sort Code 30-97-84.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Olivia Lange invites you to join girls clubs

If you are in USA and you have a girls club Olivia Lange invites you to register it here.

When you see a little girl suffering offer your hand-Dont live her to die

Each of us knows a little girl in our lives.  She is the one with face turned down, with tear filled eyes, who looks dejected and alone.  She might be a friend, a relative, a neighbor or a community member.  She may not be able to look us in the eye. She may shrug her shoulders or remain mute when we ask her questions.  Sometimes we might not know what to say to this little girl or even how to speak to her.  Yet we can sense it, we can intuit that something is not right
he question is, do we continue to walk by this little girl, do we act as if nothing is wrong or do we try to help her in some way?  Perhaps it would be easier for us to walk away, to get on with our lives, to deny that there is a problem.  Yet by doing nothing, we are denying this little girl her humanity, her joy. 

 We are also denying our humanity, by not responding, by not listening or being a friend to her.
We may not know exactly what is wrong with this child.  We may not understand what is disturbing or upsetting her.  Yet in her being is a life.  Her life has every right to be valued, to be encouraged, to be nurtured just as our own.
Every second that you read these words, another young girl is raped, hurt, emotionally or verbally abused.  Yet just because these crimes happen does not mean that a child should be forgotten, ignored, stigmatized or denied her right to humanity.  It is in the split second between her well-being and when a man violates her, that we need to be sure to find her, not to deny her voice.  We know that this moment is pivotal in the child’s life.  How she is assisted after violence can mean the difference between life and death, between developing good self-esteem and poor self-esteem, between being able to be joyous and being Depressed, between being healthy and becoming sick.  Of course it may not be possible to completely forget the terror of such incidents, yet do we let her die internally or do we lift her off the ground, out of the mud, away from her hurt?
It is in this moment after violence, where a girl has been devastated that she needs to know most her worth as a human being.  It is in this moment where she may feel most alone, most despondent, and where you as her friend, neighbor, mother, father may not know what to do or how to respond.
It is at this time where Girl Child Network Worldwide’s life valuing and affirming role comes into play.  You do not need to feel isolated as a young mother talking to a hurt child.  There are a myriad ways in which GCN can offer assistance or advice.  Reach out to GCN and you will be sure that someone will reach back to you.

If you come to GCN, someone whether it be a staff member or a volunteer will be ready and able to listen to your need, to your fear, to your anxiety.  You can suggest to that little girl you know to join one of our Girls Empowerment Clubs.   You can come to Betty Makoni ‘s radio show and talk or encourage others to come to speak from their heart.  You can decide to become a Women Role Model (WRAP program) and encourage others to take an active part in GCN.
If you know a young girl who is suffering, by becoming involved with GCN, as a volunteer or a friend, you can learn that this young girl can be lifted up, raised far above your shoulders, that she can shine.  Betty Makoni has shown through her tireless work and courage that a raped girl is not a lifeless human being, but someone who can find strength in numbers, when given the right care, when her voice and sense of well-being is truly listened to and encouraged.  This little girl can then value herself and by extension other people.  However, your child does not need to be hurt to come, to join a girls club, it maybe just that you want to promote her sense of worth, just that you want to ensure that she makes the right decisions on her path in life.

Next time you see that little girl on the street, we hope you will stop and talk to her.  Next time you see that young neighbor crying in the stairwell, we trust you will reach out a hand and offer it to her.  Next time you notice a girl bruised in odd places in her body, we believe you can and will take action, you will speak to her or encourage her to speak.  In that moment you can make the right choice, by lifting that girl up off the floor. You will enable that little girl to find joy.